Turns Out Designing a Toy That Teaches Failure is Really Hard

My 3 year journey designing the world’s first Failure Toy

Designing Failure

3 Lessons I Learned Designing a Toy That Teaches Failure:

LESSON 1: If you’re inventing anything new, be prepared to feel like a failure

LESSON 2: Feeling like a failure sucks, you should hideout until you’re ready to be judged again

(not me)

LESSON 3: Your idea isn’t done until you’re ready to hear about why it sucks

(me prototyping in my living room — photo taken by my roommate as she stumbled home at 2am)

Why Teach Failure?


We Succeeded in Making a Failure Toy!

Want your own Failure Toy? Pre-order here: https://twentyonetoys.ca/products/failure-toy-kit-preorder

Want to see our Failure Toy in Action?

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Ilana Ben-Ari

Toy designer turned social entrepreneur, founder of @21Toys and #EmpathyToy #FailureToy inventor — https://ilanabenari.com/